My name is Claudia, or Atomica.
I'm a freelance illustrator and cartoonist based in Tuscany.
I graduated in production design at Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.
In 2009 I employed as stop-motion animator and production designer at Studio Yusaki in Milan and started working as freelance illustrator too.
I work on both young readers books and comics for adults, for Italian and French publishers.
I've always written my own stories and recently got ready to start my journey as an author. I'm working on Atomi, a self-produced webcomic.
When not in my studio you can find me diving into classics of literature and ghost stories, walking in the woods, watching movies. Or maybe in my kitchen: I'm a vegan food enthusiast!
I'm in love with weird stuff and alternative music.
Books & comics: illustration and comics projects, cover designs, for youngsters or adults.
Magazines: illustrations/short comics for magazines, social media, web articles.
Character design: character creation and development for books, animation, games, brands.
Merchandise: pins, tote bags, t-shirts design for brands, events, bands.
Workshops: illustration, character design, short comics workshops for children or adults.
Private commissions: album cover design, tattoo design, portraits.
Poulpe Fictions - Éditions Auzou - Editrice Il Castoro - Mondadori - Moscabianca Editore - Salani Editore - Giunti Editore - Il Corriere della Sera - DeAgostini - Il Battello a Vapore - SEM Editore - Attaccapanni Press - Book On a Tree - Laio Production - Alice Storyteller - Magnard Jeunesse
Mostropedia - written by Sebastiano Barcaroli and Andrea Fontana, Moscabianca, 2021
Nazar Malik volume 1, 2, 3 - written by Olivia Corio, Il Castoro, 2021
Clara e le ombre - written by Andrea Fontana, Il Castoro, 2020
Trouille Académie - volume 1, 2, 3 ,4 written by Bertrand Puard, Poulpe Fictions, 2020-2021
L'Attaque des Zombies - written by M. Féret-Fleury and M. Hullot-Guiot, Éditions Auzou 2020
Chimica, Cheppàlle! - written by R. Crescenzi and R. Vincenzi, DeAgostini, 2019
Nerd senza macchia - written by Daniele Daccò, SEM, 2018
Un drago in salotto - written by Pierdomenico Baccalario, Salani, 2014
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