If you want to take a quick glimpse on a selection of books I've illustrated through their covers, you're in the right place.
I really love talking to young readers through my images. Subjects that fit the most my style are funny or mystery novels, themes concerning monsters, nerd teenagers and scientific stuff.
I often design titles and lettering.

I want to expand my horizons: I'm also interested in witchy and feminist related contents, vegan lifestyle, and environmental/nature discovery topics. I'm currently looking for some magazine collaborations too.
Get in touch and let's do something together!
                                         Clara e Le Ombre - Graphic novel
                                         (Il Castoro, 2020)
                                         Translated in French, Spanish, Catalan.
Trouille Académie - Illustrated novels' series
(Poulpe Fictions, 2020-21)

                                        L'Attaque des Zombies - Illustrated gamebook
                                       (Éditions Auzou, 2020)
La Recita Maledetta - Illustrated cover           Mostropedia - Picture book
(Mondadori, 2021)                               (Moscabianca editore, 2021)
                                         Nazar Malik - Illustrated novels' series
                                         (Il Castoro, 2020-22)
                                         Translated in French, Spanish, Catalan, Korean, Ukrainian.
             Le 15 domande - Illustrated non-fiction series
             (Il Castoro, 2021 - currently releasing)

Chimica, Cheppàlle! -                                       Nerd Senza Macchia -
Illustrated non-fiction book                           Illustrated non-fiction book
(DeAgostini - 2019)                                          (SEM Editore, 2018)