A glimpse on a selection of published books I've illustrated on through their covers. 
I work on both young readers' books and comics for adults
My favorite subjects are funny or mystery novels, themes concerning monsters, nerd teenagers and scientific stuff.
I'm also interested in witchy and feminist related contents and environmental/nature topics. I'm looking for some magazine collaborations too. ​​​​​​​
                                         Clara e Le Ombre - Graphic novel
                                         (Il Castoro, 2020)
                                         Translated in French, Spanish, Catalan.
Trouille Académie - Illustrated novels' series
(Poulpe Fictions, 2020-21)

                                        L'Attaque des Zombies - Illustrated gamebook
                                       (Éditions Auzou, 2020)
La Recita Maledetta - Illustrated cover           Mostropedia - Picture book
(Mondadori, 2021)                               (Moscabianca editore, 2021)
                                         Nazar Malik - Illustrated novels' series
                                         (Il Castoro, 2020-22)
                                         Translated in French, Spanish, Catalan, Korean, Ukrainian.
                                                                                    Pagine Verdi - Illustrated handbook
                                                                                    (Various artists, Attaccapanni Press, 2020)
 Synth/org vol. 2 - Comics anthology
 (Various artists, Attaccapanni Press, 2022)
Le 15 domande - Illustrated non-fiction series
(Il Castoro, 2021 - 2022)

                               Chimica, Cheppàlle! -                            Nerd Senza Macchia -
                               Illustrated non-fiction book                Illustrated non-fiction book
                               (DeAgostini - 2019)                               (SEM Editore, 2018)