I love sharing funny comics and short stories, which are part of my personal work and life. That's the reason why I'm a character in many of them.
Comics make me connect with other human beings and in the past years allowed me to create a small community of amazing people who laugh with me.
I write in my own language so I apologize if you don't speak Italian and can't understand part of them. So sorry!

Do you want me to work on some comics for you? Get in touch!
I'm currently working on Atomi, a long self-produced webcomic based on some real life experiences mixed with a fantasy/horror world. 
The first chapters are available here!
Take a look at the cover and some pages:
My first comic as an author got published! I worked with the amazing independet label Attaccapanni Press toghether with other amazing artists on "Synth/ORG" vol. 2 : a comics anthology about alien life in space. Here are two pages from my story, so proud of it!
Me watching Stranger Things 4 with tons of doubts and confusion :D
One of my traditions is to celebrate friday the 13th (creepy day in Italy, just as the 17th) by watching a horror movie and doing some spooky-related things. I usually share a comic to show how things will definitely not go as planned, 'cause life is not as perfect as on social networks.
Two pages of an imaginary newspaper I created during 2020 lockdown in Italy. The situation was tough, many crazy things happened but some of them were worth a laugh.